Youth Camps
Interested in getting your kids involved in STEM? We’ve got the camps for you!

Short Circuits

Summer Camps

Junior STEM

Fall/Winter Workshop

Short Circuits!
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Penn Robotics Mentors went to all 11 PHM elementary schools to mentor the Short Circuits program. Over the course of a month, we met 4 times to teach them how to use block codes to make a Sphero Bolt complete different complex exercises. This culminated into a final celebration in our robotics lab where they showcased their programs to their parents and teachers, as well as members of our education foundation, school board members, and our district’s superintendent. Following this program, many more of our district’s teachers and parents are now interested in continuing to support robotics in our schools.
Summer Camps!
Our summer camps occur annually in June and sign-ups typically open around March:
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Not only do we provide students with a unique one-on-one, hands-on learning experience, but we make sure your kids have fun in the process! Coopertition (cooperation and competition) is a large part of robotics at the high school level, and we make sure we bring that same experience to your kids when they enroll in any of our Penn Robotics Youth Camps.

We offer eight separate camps for students ages 1st through 8th grade. Skill levels differ from camp to camp, but there if your student is interested in STEM and robotics we most certainly have a camp for them!

Junior STEM Camps!
Our school’s Junior STEM camps teach K-5 grade students important real-world concepts such as critical-thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork while building robots and having fun!

In the camps, students work in teams to design, build and code a robot to complete various challenges. Each day, students are given a robot challenge such as lifting an object and placing in a specific location, completing an obstacle course, climbing an incline with weights, and more. Students learn about engineering principles such as torque, tension, and mechanics that would help with the challenge.

Fall/Winter Workshops!
To keep students engaged in STEM throughout the year, we offer two-day workshops throughout the months of November and December. These are made to be highly intensive STEM experiences by condensing the learning that would usually be done over a week into two days.

(Fall Workshops):

($80 per workshop)

Creativity Workshop (1st-3rd):

Students work in small teams using LEGO to design and build solutions to problems. NOTE: This camp is designed to be fun for everyone. Challenges each day will be theme-based. Awards will highlight different design principles.

Applied Workshop (4th-8th):

Students have the opportunity to learn how to design using 3D modeling software. Each student is then able to bring their computer model to life using our 3D printers and/or CNC laser cuter. Students are able to gain hands-on knowledge and experience with the assistance of our current high school robotics student mentors.


(Winter Workshops):

($80 per workshop)

Creativity Workshop (1st-3rd):

Students use Lego Robotics Kits to build, program, and drive a team made a robot. Each small group must use their problem-solving skills to develop solutions to the challenge at hand when developing their robot. This experience is meant to introduce students to the FLL (FIRST Lego League) competition that begins in 4th grade and is offered at PHM schools.

Applied Workshop (4th-8th):

This workshop will focus on building a VEX Robot to program and drive through an obstacle course. Students will gain valuable knowledge in building and programming a custom robot to compete on a challenge course. This workshop will greatly help students hoping to take engineering courses at Penn, as VEX is commonly used in these classes.